Top 10 Best Maintenance Practices For Your CMMS


An hour long presentation by Dennis Belanger, Vice President, Management Resources Group, Inc.

Dennis Belanger, CMRP and Vice President of MRG, a Maintenance and Reliability Consulting and Engineering firm, will be sharing the "Top 10 Best Maintenance Practices for Your CMMS" which are based on MRG's 25 years experience working with clients. The Top 10 list will outline answers to these questions and touch on the following topics: Foundational Requirements, Getting the Basics Right, How to Get Everyone on Board, Management Discipline, and Sustainable Improvement. Through MRG's history, they have helped clients drive financial and performance improvement to the bottom line. These practices have been battle tested to generate sustainable, valuable results and to provide the core foundation for successful, sustainable use of a CMMS.

Learning Point Takeaways:

1) Building a long term plan that looks beyond ‘Go Live’ is essential to achieving your goals.

2) Culture change is important for accepting change and gaining the support you need for a successful implementation.

3) Accurate, consistent data is the foundation of your system; make sure you commit to building and maintaining it in order to have a valuable, sustainable system.

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