Jay Pasqualoni, Senior Vice President, Business Strategy & Corporate Director


As Senior Vice President of Business Strategy, Jay Pasqualoni is obviously responsible for MRG’s strategic direction.  In addition, Mr. Pasqualoni ensures that execution in areas such as MRG business processes, technologies, and commercial software development are aligned with immediate objectives and the longer-term goal of becoming “A dominant provider of services and software to achieve excellence in asset reliability, maintenance, and manufacturing.”


MRG is well on its way to achieving that business goal, and Mr. Pasqualoni’s leadership is a major contributor to MRG’s success.  Jay’s formal education includes a MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and undergraduate bachelor-of-science degree from the University of Connecticut.  Jay’s professional experience includes expertise in manufacturing and supply chain technology operations, professional services delivery, and of course, business strategy.


Mr. Pasqualoni has worked on initiatives with global leaders such as GE, Oracle, Pepsi, Alcoa, Monsanto, and others.  His abilities to develop and execute strategy have resulted in a track record of loyal customers and market leadership for three other companies that Jay helped transition from entrepreneurial to publicly traded governance and measurable market share growth.  Mr. Pasqualoni’s skills are vital to MRG’s current growth program expected to jump MRG’s market position from a respected industry player to a dominant force in manufacturing and reliability software, consulting and engineering services. 

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