Will Goetz, Chief Marketing Officer


Will Goetz is Chief Marketing Officer for Management Resources Group, Inc. (MRG).  In this capacity, Mr. Goetz is responsible for increasing the company’s profitability by driving the intellectual property content of MRG’s solutions, setting MRG’s market direction and building MRG’s partner network. 


Mr. Goetz has more than 20 years experience developing and managing intellectual-property-based businesses.  Prior to joining MRG, Mr. Goetz was Product Marketing Executive at ThinkTools, where he developed packaged strategic decision-making, risk management and corporate governance software solutions for management consultancies and Fortune 500 firms.  Previously, Mr. Goetz served as the Vice President of the Energy Vertical for SageMaker, Inc., an information portal company based in Connecticut.  Mr. Goetz led SageMaker’s success in the energy market, which was a key contributor to the company’s acquisition by divine, Inc., a global IT and consulting firm.  At divine, Mr. Goetz led the development of software solutions for the commodity trading function as well as enterprise solutions for the upstream, downstream and power generation segments of the energy value chain.  In addition, he led Standard & Poor’s World Energy Service, which provides economic insight and consulting in support of strategic decisions in global energy markets.


Mr. Goetz has a B.A. in Economics and an M.S. in Resource Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


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