Robert Distefano, Chairman of the Board and CEO


Robert DiStefano, CMRP, is Chairman, CEO and founder of MRG, Inc. (Management Resources Group, Inc.).  An accomplished executive manager with over 30 years of professional engineering, maintenance, reliability, management and consulting experience, he specializes in translating technical and engineering tactics into strategic corporate financial terms, and advising and coaching senior managers in innovation, deployment and measurement of strategic physical asset management initiatives that transform company culture and financial performance. 

Mr. DiStefano spent his first ten years in the commercial nuclear power industry where his exposure to maintenance and reliability began.  Among his many duties Mr. DiStefano was Chairman of a multi-utility industry task force formed to investigate and resolve chronic maintenance problems at ten nuclear power plants nationwide.  Under his leadership the task force analyzed chronic maintenance problems, determined root causes, and then engineered and implemented improved maintenance procedures and equipment design modifications.  These efforts resulted in dramatic improvement of equipment reliability and associated reduction in maintenance as well as lost equipment opportunity costs.

Mr. DiStefano has since observed and measured performance at hundreds of industrial plants in fourteen different industries.  Building on the principles learned and honed in the nuclear power business, Mr. DiStefano recognized common top-quartile performance characteristics across industry groups and devised a strategic asset management strategy designed to drive client performance to those benchmarks, reducing maintenance costs and increasing equipment uptime and asset utilization.  This strategy serves as his company’s guiding principle in developing and delivering all of its services.  Mr. DiStefano assists corporate executives, as well as market intermediaries advising these executives, understand and achieve top-quartile asset management as a strategic business culture for competitive advantage.

In 1987, Mr. DiStefano founded Management Resources Group, Inc., MRG, Inc.  As MRG’s chairman he leads the company in formulating its strategic mission, its strategic services delivery framework, and its market dominance in translating maintenance and reliability engineering, and master data management principles into tangible and compelling strategic financial benefits for clients.  Mr. DiStefano spends a large percentage of his time with clients at both the executive management and plant level, and has personally visited over 250 industrial plants around the world.

Mr. DiStefano sits on the Board of Directors of The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) and is the Director of the SMRP Body of Knowledge with responsibility for the Best Practices, Benchmarking and Knowledge Committees.  Mr. DiStefano is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP).

Mr. DiStefano holds degrees in engineering and management from The City University of New York, The New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Pratt Institute.  He is often a featured speaker at industry forums dealing with maintenance, reliability, asset management and data integrity.  Mr. DiStefano is author of numerous articles published in technical, engineering and business journals.

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