What Makes Us Different?


Our accelerators were honed in an artisanal, engineering niche, and then turbo-charged with enterprise implementation practices.  Our approach to physical asset management is holistic and comprehensive, extending from bearings and failure codes at the plant floor to executive level engagement management.  Our experts have pioneered industry Best Practices and MRG is the only company of its kind that brings scalability to engineering-based asset management. MRG’s depth of experience is unparalleled.  Our continual investment in our people, who average more than 22 years of experience, and our technologies keeps us at the top of the market.  Our consultants, content, libraries and tools have been proven in engagements with nearly half of the Fortune 500.

Distinctive Competencies

MRG combines complimentary core competencies:

  • Reliability Engineering & Physical Asset Management Principles
  • Master Data Management for Enterprise Asset Management Systems

Each complements and reinforces the other.  Our reliability best practices are tightly coupled to the EAM’s master data structure – imparting unparalleled scalability.  Our knowledge of the top tier EAM systems’ architectures, functionality and data structures gives us the ability to engineer, prescribe and shape the optimum maintenance strategies efficiently and consistently across our clients’ entire equipment population.

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Implementations - Not Just Consulting

MRG has the most formidable reliability and maintenance consulting practice in the business, and we don’t stop there. We provide robust Field Engineering-based implementation services who work with you to execute our Consultants’ recommendations. The two capabilities work in concert to implement performance improvement efficiently across your asset population.

Standards-based, Technology-driven Delivery

MRG prides itself in having built an unprecedented collection of standards based on industry best practices which we helped develop.  Our professional services are bolstered by a substantial body of knowledge consisting of written standards and methods, sophisticated technology in  Catapult™ , and extensive content libraries, all of which accelerate our clients’ accomplishment of consistent foundational data and reliability practices across an enterprise.  Our delivery standards,  EAM Booster Packs™  and Catapult™ enable us to scale our offerings from a small reliability engineering project at a single site, to enterprise asset management implementations, maintaining efficiency and consistency regardless of scale or who is assigned to a project.

MRG offers proven abilities in the following verticals:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical Processing
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Facilities
  • Food/Beverage and Agriculture
  • Government and Defense
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp/Paper/Wood
  • Steel/Aluminum

Asset Data Are As Vital As Financial Data

"You wouldn’t consider running your Financial Systems with an inaccurate chart of accounts! Why do you allow inadequate and inaccurate master and foundational data to plague your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (Maintenance module) or CMMS/EAM?"

-Paul Kurchina, Kurmeta Group, Inc.

Reliability engineers
are free

Well, not exactly “free” – but certainly at zero net cost to your organization. The primary role of a Reliability Engineer is to drive out sources of repetitive failure, through effective design of the maintenance strategy and through root cause analysis when failures do occur. When one considers the financial impact of critical equipment failures on…



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