Corporate Overview


MRG’s solutions are tailored to our clients’ business objectives and are powered by our focus on scalability.  We derive and deliver competitive advantage through our proprietary methodologies, tools, libraries and industry best practices. We operate domestically and globally with highly experienced and knowledgeable business advisors, consultants, engineers and strategic partners.

Reliability. Experience. Integrity.

These are more than just words at MRG. We have consciously created and nurtured an unmatched culture of integrity and client service, that has attracted the most experienced, capable and dedicated staff of professionals in the business.

Our team members are ever-mindful and proud of our reputation and consistently do whatever it takes to satisfy our clients. We do that by delivering tangible and valuable results, and by striving to never let our clients down.


Management Resources Group, Inc., MRG, was founded in 1987 and is a privately held corporation organized under the laws of the State of Connecticut.  The company’s headquarters is located in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, housing the executive management team and various departments.  The company’s professional employees are located at the headquarters and at various locations around the world, including at our clients’ locations.

Teamwork & Loyalty

Teamwork is powerful.  Our company knows that as a team we can meet any challenge and accomplish any goal.  MRG has weathered many difficult challenges since its inception in 1987, and has emerged stronger in every case – because we trusted each other and worked together as a team.  As our clients rely on us, our team members also rely on each other and know that they will never let each other down.  Our team members also know that the company itself will never let them down.  This philosophy has fostered loyalty on the part of the employees to the company and on the part of the company to the employees.

Even as we grow we strive to maintain a family culture which enhances employee loyalty and satisfaction.  As an example, the company provides a generous and comprehensive benefits package for its employees and their families – almost entirely at company expense.  While this adds significantly to the cost of doing business, it pays multiples in tangible and intangible dividends for the company.  Employee tenure, continuity and morale are high; employee turnover is low, translating into higher quality and more consistent services delivery for our clients, and a happier experience during the engagement

Commitment to Profession

MRG takes its responsibilities to the professional community in which it operates very seriously.  The company contributes substantial resources to support professional organizations which promote and advance standards of excellence in the Reliability Engineering and Enterprise Asset Management Master Data Management arenas.  Through our contributions to these organizations MRG has established an influential leadership position in the formation of best practices of asset management.  Our professionals have authored many of the leading textbooks, guidelines, methods and standards that guide our industry and advance the profession, and we will continue to shape developments through our active and positive involvement in the expert communities.


While we enjoy a long and solid history of over two decades in business, we have invested significantly over the years in preparing the company for growth on a global scale.  Our clients have demanded this and our employees benefit with more career advancement opportunities as the company adapts to changing market conditions and growing market demand.


"MRG experts are leaders in asset management data structures. They have designed, launched and supported many instances of top -tier enterprise systems."


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