Catapult Means Scalability


Catapult®  backed reliability programs and CMMS/EAM implementations are scalable, efficient and include a path to optimization starting with data integrity.  Without assessing the quality of the data, loading it into a new system perpetuates the errors and dilutes the benefits of the systems’ functionality. Catapult® provides the means to organize the data from all sources into one meaningful and useable program.   Catapult® augments any CMMS or EAM system by enabling standardization of master data and optimization of reliability strategies in an independent modeling environment (a.k.a. a sandbox) before they are loaded into the work management system.  It also creates a platform for launching and maintaining reliability standards that can be applied to standardized master data from an asset to an enterprise.


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Habit 2, “Begin with
the End in Mind”

For a maintenance organization to effectively accomplish positive change, they must have a vision of what their desired state looks like, and a roadmap of the necessary steps to get them there. Beginning with the end in mind is about creating that vision...


The Need for
Foundational Data

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