Get Your EAM off the Ground


EAM Booster Packs™ are the result of decades of reliability engineering and maintenance practice improvement projects. Our tools assist in building the foundation you need to help you achieve EAM Best Practices. Delivered independently or through Catapult®, the solutions include:


MRG’s equipment specification templates embody more than 20 years of experience walking down and developing equipment data for all types of plants and facilities. Our current library consists of 1,140 unique equipment specification templates that support the ISO 14224 standard.  Each template includes a class-subclass classification, associated attributes and value lists for each attribute.

FMEA Library

Unlike any other in the market, MRG maintains an FMEA library of over 440 templates based on equipment class/subclass. Each template represents more than eight hours of labor savings. As a collection, the standardization they are built on delivers many person years of value.
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PM Library

Job plans are based on the FMEA library and identify specific preventive and predictive maintenance tasks that mitigate each failure-mode-specific to the equipment class and sub-class.    

Failure Hierarchy

Failure code lists are developed from FMEA information to provide a unique set for each equipment class/subclass. This system provides a consistent, uniform reporting capability throughout the company and helps identify key problem areas in equipment. 
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Items Library

The MRG Items Library consists of over 5 million standardized MRO parts. Each part has been cleansed and researched by experienced inventory engineers to ensure the part is identified with the correct class/subclass assignment and populated with the appropriate attributes.
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Minimum Benefits Analysis

Our FREE, no obligation, Minimum Benefits Analysis (MBA) demonstrates how much you can potentially save within your MRO inventory.  Our proprietary software identifies which of these "just-in-case" items are overstocked and likely to be replenished. With our FREE Minimum Benefits Analysis, we can tell you how much can be saved on your MRO inventory, the timeframe in which the savings will occur and the minimal resources required from you to benefit from WebRUSL.


IRIX (Investment Recovery Matrix)

Once operations and maintenance have agreed on the appropriate maximum quantity for a stock item, what to do with any surplus is primarily a financial decision. Essentially, the question is: “Would you rather keep a part on the shelf for many years before it may be needed or would you rather have some additional money in the bank now and assume the risk of having to buy a replacement later at a higher price?”


Probability and Risk

"Two risks are inherent in any stocking decision- the risk of getting caught short and the risk of getting caught long. The end objective is to get a balanced inventory, one with neither too much overstocking nor too much understocking."

MRG offers a unique service to identify your risky MRO purchases.  Our analysts provide a list of high-risk purchases which are likely to occur during the next year or two and that are already programmed in your current system.

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