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“VP's, Directors, Manager's, OCM's, Front Line Supervisors and maybe a President or two need to play The Reliability Game®. It would certainly open up their eyes as to the importance of TPM's, PM's and PdM's as it did for everyone that was there from our team playing the game. The Reliability Game® also should be a requirement for all Maintenance personnel. Feel free to forward this to who ever should read it.”
Joseph Derosa – Maintenance Manager – United Technologies, Hamilton Sundstrand Windsor Locks,CT

"We had attempted to implement our reliability transformation initiative at three of our largest sites with no third party help, and the results were less than stellar - in essence we spent a large sum of dollars and did not really show any benefits. We subsequently engaged MRG's services to re-constitute the implementation and their involvement had a tremendous impact on the attitudes of the plants, including the plant managers on down to the mechanics and operators, and they delivered a solid foundation of technical data, a fully configured CMMS, sound work practices, training, and hand-holding in a fraction of the time we took to do our initial work, with dramatic results, including a substantial decrease in maintenance expenditures and a marked increase in uptime. MRG is now the preferred and trusted partner for reliability services of this kind throughout the Cargill Corporation, and is having an impact on the corporation's evolution in reliability practices. They are active participants in the Cargill Worldwide Reliability Center for Excellence, and they are performing valuable services for 9 business units, at dozens of plants throughout North America. I don't know why we bothered to try to do this ourselves - MRG does this every day and can do it better and faster than we ever could ourselves."
Rick Baldridge – Reliability Manager, Cargill Corporation

"MRG has had a very large impact on our philosophy of facilities management and is providing invaluable help to us as we transform our facilities management mission and execution. MRG helped us focus on not just one or two aspects, but on a holistic approach to our asset care strategy. Doing everything right in a carefully orchestrated and concerted way is having an impact on our costs, our facilities condition and our customer satisfaction. We are focusing our resources on the right work at the right time using planning and scheduling in a better way, we are incorporating more technical and condition-based maintenance activities, we are getting better control of our material usage, we are using a top-tier CMMS system, and we are dealing effectively with numerous labor issues associated with changing, all with significant help from the MRG team. Their on-site assistance with qualified engineers and consultants is resulting in the necessary leg-work being completed in a fraction of the time it would take us to do it internally, and the benefits are accruing that much faster.“
Bruce Fluehr – Manager, Strategic Planning - PECO Energy, an Exelon Company

“I would like to compliment you and your team on the quality of the workshop we’ve completed. As you know we definitely were not aligned within Neenah Paper on where we should be heading with our maintenance efforts. This session helped us work through that and will allow us to move down a common path because we understand the logic, not because someone said to do it.
As we continue to develop our systems and process, I look forward to future opportunities to work with MRG, and am confident your team will be able to meet our needs.”
Vice President, Operations

MRG offers proven abilities in the following verticals:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical Processing
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Facilities
  • Food/Beverage and Agriculture
  • Government and Defense
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp/Paper/Wood
  • Steel/Aluminum

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This feature article puts the technical and engineering aspects of maintenance and reliability into business terms – essentially into the context of a financial business case.  If you need to communicate to top executives and people not directly involved in maintenance, the tremendous business value associated with elevating maintenance and reliability practices in your company, you need to read this paper by Bob DiStefano, CMRP, CEO of MRG.

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Statistics from a recent Aberdeen study indicate that unscheduled downtime explains more than 80 percent of the difference in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) between Best-in-Class performers and other performance groupings. OEE measures output relative to potential output.

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