Case Studies


For more than 20 years, MRG has developed practical experience and knowledge in multiple industries at hundreds of plants. Our case studies illustrate the benefits and successes achieved by your peers. Below is a sample list of industries where we’ve supported our clients.

Power Generation 1

In response to financial reporting issues, the North American operations of a global energy company was facing an ERP-driven, time constrained, multi-wave SAP EAM implementation burdened.


Power Generation 2

An energy and technology company was converting to MAXIMO and needed a complete master data validation to ensure an accurate and efficient migration.



Power Generation 3

A large multi-fuel and technology energy company was losing money due to poor and inconsistent data quality and inconsistent technology platforms.



Oil Refining 1

An oil refinery underwent several capital improvement projects over eight years, resulting in the accumulation of numerous spare parts to support new equipment.



Oil Refining 2

An oil refinery was experiencing premature and recurring equipment failures on a critical asset, resulting in an average of 14 days of down time each time failure occured, reducing output capacity of the unit by 280,000 barrels of product each failure.




A major pharmaceutical company had a disorganized and poorly designed storeroom containing obsolete and duplicate parts that were often difficult to locate.



Import - Export

A major latex manufacturing importer/exporter was experiencing an excessive amount of breakdowns causing production to suffer.



Agricultural Products

A global company was experiencing inconsistent reliability practices across its plants.


Chemical Processing

RCM analysis is a powerful tool to change attitudes and practices for both maintenance and operations personnel.  This case study examines how Purac America successfully used RCM to improve high cost, underperforming equipment.  Maintenance spend fell from 7% of RAV to 4% of RAV and production increased from 50% to 133% of rated nameplate capacity. 


Pulp and Paper

A paper producer was sold by its parent company and needed to organize data and consolidate the CMMS systems from five independent manufacturing sites. They chose to implement Oracle and used the opportunity to establish a consistent foundational data structure in order to drive Reliability improvement.



& Topical

Statistics from a recent Aberdeen study indicate that unscheduled downtime explains more than 80 percent of the difference in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) between Best-in-Class performers and other performance groupings. OEE measures output relative to potential output.

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1. A device, especially the gas pedal of a motor vehicle, for increasing speed.

2. Chemistry A substance that increases the speed of a reaction.

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