Follow the Data to Unlock the Power of EAM


Robust, enterprise systems are common in corporations today. But they typically do not house data that is consistently, thoroughly and accurately developed, managed and sustained, creating one of the biggest challenges affecting all industries today: Information is not readily available at a managerial and executive level. MRG solves this problem for EAM.


Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Data quality problems are ubiquitous and costly. Fragmented processes and technology platforms compounded by a lack of corporate data architecture standards are just some of the culprits. Implementing a new EAM system without specifically addressing master data integrity is “leaving money on the table.” MRG brings the accelerators and services to align your data with your enterprise data architecture standards specific to asset management thereby enabling processes and reports that come with your new system. And if you don’t have these standards, MRG can bring those too!

When data is converted and moved from a legacy system to a target system, too often the focus is solely on accurately moving the data. Simply put, “make sure what we have today is retained and nothing is lost” becomes the criteria for success. Leveraging this opportunity to bring data into compliance with standards as well as enhance the data set will enable new, enterprise processes, consistent reporting and EAM paradigms. Clients all over the world have built their EAM programs on our master data standards, managing the risk of critical asset failures and improving ROA.

Data Integrity

What is data integrity and who owns data quality are unresolved debates that span from the plant manager’s office to the C-suite.  But the pain associated with bad data is well known. Too often it is assumed that data quality will be addressed in an enterprise system implementation. However, most EAM implementations address data strategy weakly and rarely do they address improving data health. MRG brings tools and accelerators to EAM-based engagements to improve and sustain data integrity.


Materials Management

Spare parts inventory holds significant, untapped business performance improvement potential. Insufficient data quality and integrity limit the full realization of intended benefits of supply chain processes and system functionality improvements. MRG brings the tools, accelerators and services to supply chain and EAM system engagements, driving improved project returns as well as increased corporate ROA.


Data Drives

“Data is the most critical element in enabling business processes. Improved processes drive business transformation. A data quality improvement and sustainability plan is essential to reap the full benefits of any business transformation initiative.”

-Blake Geoghagan, Principal, EAM Lead, Deloitte Consulting, LLP


In a recent Aberdeen Group report, 44% of respondents from asset intensive industries identified “complex / disparate data sets” as “significant roadblocks to improving decision making.”

MRG’s accelerators flatten roadblocks and streamline decision making.


The Need for
Foundational Data

Many companies attempt to execute maintenance planning within their organizations, many times unsuccessfully. More often than not, these companies do not have the proper foundational data or processes in place at the onset, dooming their initiative to failure. In order to reap the financial benefits from maintenance planning…


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