Path to Peak Performance


On the path to peak physical asset performance, organizational inertia is frustrating to overcome. Entrenched practices prevent performance improvement. Yet, focusing on one dimension – people, processes, or technology – is not enough. The destination is clear, but where should you roll the rock next and who will help?

MRG has a long history of helping clients improve asset performance from the plant floor through the C-Suite and the answer of where to roll the rock next depends on many factors. Our Reliability Roadmap™ takes a balanced approach to evaluating these factors, enabling you to select the path to highest return for the effort. Together, we will collaboratively design the transformation that brings your physical assets to peak performance.

Deliver Your Vision

Executive sponsorship is the most critical success factor in establishing a top tier physical asset program. Research has shown that without executive ownership, leadership and vision, the best technical program has an overwhelming likelihood of failure.

Our engagement model is designed to deliver your vision – not just to develop it. You will work with our experts to tailor your plan and to track progress toward attainment of your objectives – with visibility to key risks, issues and successes. Our experts and accelerators have been vetted by top performing plants and engineering firms and MRG stands ready when needed to deliver your full vision.

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Find Your Hidden Plant

In today’s financial environment, new capital expenditure may not be an option for boosting output. In fact, you are likely facing cancellation or postponement of planned projects. Even if orders are slow today, will you be able to ramp up production when demand picks up again? We can help find your hidden plant.



Statistics from a recent Aberdeen study indicate that unscheduled downtime explains more than 80 percent of the difference in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) between Best-in-Class performers and other performance groupings. OEE measures output relative to potential output.

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MRG’s experts are leaders in the asset management community, bringing skills honed during decades as industry practitioners and consultants at leading companies.”


Reliability engineers
are free

Well, not exactly “free” – but certainly at zero net cost to your organization. The primary role of a Reliability Engineer is to drive out sources of repetitive failure, through effective design of the maintenance strategy and through root cause analysis when failures do occur. When one considers the financial impact of critical equipment failures on…



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