Proactively Improve ROA


The health of your physical assets is the key to competitive advantage, but many organizations have not looked at Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) models. Leaders who recognize the role of physical assets in their value chain use EAM to optimize Return on Assets (ROA). MRG provides the strategies, proven methodologies and services to support your EAM initiative and assist you in boosting returns.

MRG uses a nuts and bolts approach to Enterprise Asset Management that extends from the plant floor to the C-Suite, bringing consistency with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Our detailed knowledge of maintenance management techniques enables us to improve processes and data that deliver the foundation to realize the full functionality and potential of your enterprise CMMS and EAM systems. Our clients build their EAM paradigms on our ‘master data standards for asset reliability’, driving improved ROA and effectively managing the risk of critical asset failures.

Solutions for Business Pressures

According to a recent Aberdeen Group report, maximizing return on assets, achieving competitive advantage through improved asset reliability and reducing total asset lifecycle costs were the dominant pressures facing industry today.  MRG helps clients overcome each of these pressures.

Aberdeen EAM Study

Let Us Help You Improve Value Chain Performance

Enterprise asset management is a complex discipline that requires contributions from engineering, management consulting and systems integration. MRG’s unique capabilities complement both system implementers and traditional engineering contractors. We enable a hand shake that ties detailed engineering practices to enterprise-scale implementations.

As you look to improve the performance of your value chain through the tenets of EAM, Supply Chain Management, Work Management, Capital Planning and Operational Risk Management, come see how our services can help.

EAM Services 

Data Drives

“Data is the most critical element in enabling business processes. Improved processes drive business transformation. A data quality improvement and sustainability plan is essential to reap the full benefits of any business transformation initiative.”

-Blake Geoghagan, Principal, EAM Lead, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Find Your
Hidden Plant

In today’s financial environment, new capital expenditure is not an option for boosting output. In fact, you are likely facing cancellation or postponement of planned projects. Even if orders are slack capacity today you will not be able to ramp production when demand picks up again. We can help find your hidden plant.


Asset Data Are As Vital As Financial Data

"You wouldn’t consider running your Financial Systems with an inaccurate chart of accounts! Why do you allow inadequate and inaccurate master and foundational data to plague your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (Maintenance module) or CMMS/EAM?"

-Paul Kurchina, Kurmeta Group, Inc.

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