Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance


Everyone knows the six Ps of planning. Whether your objectives are to meet project milestones or to get more from your current assets, MRG enhances your chances of success. MRG provides the proper perspective to prepare for and prevent project pitfalls.

Project Planning

EAM is inherently cross-functional and multi-disciplinary. Success depends on detailed insight not only into your culture, processes and technology but also into how each of these facets relates to the others. MRG brings the deep industry experience and methodologies that enable us to evaluate where you are today and guide you to the optimal path to successful EAM implementation or physical asset health improvement.

MRG will help you get your bearings using a framework that is based on the SMRP body of knowledge. But we also know the language and practices of large implementation projects and how to coordinate engineering activities with them. We will review:

  • Suitability of data in legacy systems to support a best-practice EAM model
  • Workforce skills and attitudes to support a best practice EAM model
  • Workflows
  • Timeframes
  • Internal and external resources
  • And more…

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Never Time to Do It Right, Always Time to Do It Twice

Many organizations have tried to implement a comprehensive reliability program, but have not achieved the desired financial and production benefits. MRG differentiates itself from other consulting companies by understanding how reliability and asset health fit within the strategic business process of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). We are expert in aligning the engineering program to the delivery of business benefits.

MRG’s  Reliability Roadmap ™ is the key to unlocking the benefits of an underperforming EAM program. Our experts, tools and alliance partners guide you through the process of  developing a business case  and a holistic plan that is achievable. Whether starting from scratch or renewing a commitment to the EAM journey, MRG’s approach is collaborative and flexible, creating line of sight between where you are today and attainment of your asset management goals.



In a recent Aberdeen Group report, 44% of respondents from asset intensive industries identified “complex / disparate data sets” as “significant roadblocks to improving decision making.”

MRG’s accelerators flatten roadblocks and streamline decision making.


Habit 1,
“Be Proactive”

Highly effective maintenance organizations don’t wait for equipment to fail before deciding what to do about it...


& Topical

Statistics from a recent Aberdeen study indicate that unscheduled downtime explains more than 80 percent of the difference in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) between Best-in-Class performers and other performance groupings. OEE measures output relative to potential output.

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