Boots on the Ground


Reorganizing and rebuilding asset master data is a specialized, intensive process. Unlike many physical asset management consultancies, MRG goes beyond recommendations and puts boots on the ground – field engineers who are trained and equipped to implement your new program.

Field Engineering

Over time, factors such as acquisitions, reorganizations, and the ad hoc deployment of systems fracture data standards and scatter a company’s asset data, resulting in poor data integrity and quality. Often, consistent asset taxonomy does not exist at any one plant, let alone across plants. MRG’s field engineering force is adept at establishing consistency using techniques that range from walkdown of assets on the plant floor to enhancing data quality electronically.

Once they have established a data foundation in Catapult®, the  taxonomy aligns to our  EAM Booster PacksTM and our engineers rapidly assemble maintenance strategies that target failure modes with pinpoint accuracy.

Because our approach to implementations prudently applies similar maintenance strategies on like assets across the enterprise, we deliver a uniquely robust defect elimination environment.

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Go Live Support

Go live is an intensely busy time under the best circumstances. With a significant amount of an implementation team’s resources focused on the technical cutover, the go live impacts on the business operations are often underestimated. MRG’s approach is to create the best circumstances by focusing on eliminating potential disruptions before they occur. Our preparations target critical areas, including user training that emphasizes “why”, data quality review, maintenance resource load leveling to align resources with the new program and process requirements, and change management.

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Asset Data Are As Vital As Financial Data

"You wouldn’t consider running your Financial Systems with an inaccurate chart of accounts! Why do you allow inadequate and inaccurate master and foundational data to plague your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (Maintenance module) or CMMS/EAM?"

-Paul Kurchina, Kurmeta Group, Inc.


"MRG experts are leaders in asset management data structures. They have designed, launched and supported many instances of top -tier enterprise systems."

You can’t manage effectively without data.

"Should I authorize overtime next week?” “Should I extend the overhaul frequency on the XYZ machine?” “Is my PM program working the way it should?” “Where am I using the most labor and material resources?” These are all typical questions that face Maintenance Managers every day. It is hard to manage these situation without quality data.


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