Onsite Classroom Training


No one has time to simply go through the motions – training must deliver skills that result in real, tangible value. Our series of training courses are designed to deliver more than just theory—they help you develop a clear path to effective maintenance and improved reliability. From CMMS and Reliability Training to RCM, Change Management, or PdM Strategy Development, MRG has the experience and insight to increase your knowledge base and practical skill set during our training classes, promoting the growth of a healthy reliability-based environment.

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Classroom Training Courses 






Introduction to Planning and Scheduling Principles



    An introductory course designed to provide participants with an understanding of the fundamentals of creating and maintaining an efficient planning and scheduling program.

Advanced Planning Principles



    An intensive, hands-on course designed to simulate real-world situations and teach participants how to effectively execute the planning function.

Introduction to Developing Reliability-Based Maintenance Strategies



    An introduction to the basic maintenance strategy model that will act as the foundation for developing RCM techniques, choosing and deploying PMs and creating an effective maintenance strategy to support an efficient maintenance environment.

Maintenance Management 101/201



    It is well documented that managing the maintenance function in a proactive rather than a reactive manner results in lower costs and superior asset performance. This is easy to say but difficult to do in actual practice. This course will explore twenty of the most basic fundamentals that every Maintenance Manager must have in place in order to make a proactive maintenance organization a reality.

Materials Management Strategies



    An introductory course designed to provide participants instructions about how to manage, organize, and control inventory risk through strategic MRO inventory management.

Understanding and Successfully Managing the Process of Change



    Many organizations have recognized the importance of successfully managing cultural change. This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the elements involved in cultural change and teaches how to apply those elements in day-to-day work.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Principles



    Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis (RCM) is a key foundational element of a Reliability Based Maintenance program. This course covers all important aspects of Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis and Implementation. Participants will learn how to effectively participate in an RCM program and have all necessary information to support such an implementation.

Reliability Awareness Featuring the Reliability Game®



    Corporations are realizing that to be competitive in today’s business environment, they must make productive use of their assets--both equipment and people. This fun-filled, two-day seminar offers the MRG simulation of the Reliability Game® followed by a full day of examining and reinforcing how proactive reliability practices drive money to the bottom line.

Foundational Awareness for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals



    This comprehensive course provides participants with a comprehensive overview of key foundational elements, both technical and non-technical, which must be understood and integrated in order to be most effective in the maintenance and reliability profession.

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