Materials Management

Spare parts inventory holds significant, untapped business performance improvement potential. Insufficient data quality and integrity limit the full realization of intended benefits of supply chain processes and system functionality improvements. MRG brings the tools, accelerators and services to supply chain and EAM system engagements, driving improved project returns as well as increased corporate ROA.

New EAM system implementations and dedicated supply chain optimizations typically determine spare parts identification and stocking volumes from the procurement optimization perspective rather than the asset health or equipment reliability optimization perspective. The direct linkage of spare parts to the criticality of the asset must be addressed in order for optimization to occur. Furthermore, incomplete data records on existing parts will not allow for optimal process functionality, strategic sourcing and duplicate part number reductions. Addressing all of these areas will tend to lower current assets and, therefore, lift ROA. MRG brings the accelerators and services to enhance the spare parts data records and integrate your spare parts strategy to the asset reliability objectives of the company.

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WebRUSL 3.1 is an improved platform with new productivity tools, it is still an easy-to-use, low cost service proven to eliminate unnecessary expenditures for MRO inventory.  Identifying and storing the correct spare parts is critical to maintaining crucial operations.

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